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November 18, 2022 | edited: April 9, 2024

A JavaScriptJavascriptA high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language primarily used to create interactive and responsive user interfaces on web pages.
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task runner that automates repetitive tasks in the development process, such as minifying code, transpiling, testing, etc. It uses a code-over-configuration approach, meaning it utilizes JavaScript code to define tasks and workflows rather than a configuration file. This allows for more flexibility and reusability of functions.

Gulp uses a concept called “pipes” to chain together different tasks. Each task takes input, performs a specific operation, and passes the result to the next task in the pipe. This allows for a simple and efficient way to chain multiple tasks together.

Gulp has various plugins to perform multiple tasks, like minifying CSSCSSCascading Style Sheets is a coding language that determines the appearance and layout of a website.
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, JavaScript, images, linting code, running tests, and more. These plugins can be easily incorporated into your gulpfile.js, the gulp configuration file.

Gulp is often used as an alternative to Grunt, another task runner, and it can also be used with other tools such as WebpackWebpackA JavaScript module bundler.
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, Babel, and TypeScript. It’s beneficial in automating repetitive tasks in development, such as building and deploying code, running tests, and generating documentationDocumentationThe process of creating, organizing, and maintaining written materials that provide information about a web project.
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