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About IT Monks Agency

IT Monks is a middle-size WordPress Agency in New York, USA. Our digital agency expertise encompasses a full cycle digital services that your brand could need in the journey, like:

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Digital Promotion Services

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional digital experiences, ensuring your brand stands out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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IT Monks core values & mission

Yours New York Digital Agency

IT Monks was focused on delivering custom solutions based on WordPress to clients from all around the world.

We have 2 main departments, one is working with direct customers and second one is delivering web services to Agencies (while-label model).

Our team includes developers, project managers, quality assurance, DevOps, designers and SEO specialists.

Helping brands grow through professional digital experiences.

We are looking for companies who value custom-made solutions and websites with proper architecture and structure vs installing $50 templates.

We have experience developing high-load projects and optimizing WordPress performance and deliver on time. Our team is utilizing all the latest WordPress Coding standards, and we are very strict with such things when we onboard new team members.

IT Monks’s goal is to be the most successful web agency in the world at delivering the best customer experience in the markets we serve.
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IT Monks Team

Our team is composed of authentic, approachable, and engaging individuals who take great pride in connecting with our clients. Our personalities, determination, and passion are at the forefront of everything we do.

We’re a group of dedicated professionals who value teamwork and cohesion. We believe in the power of working together, which is why we handle all projects in-house, ensuring a strong team dynamic and high-level expertise.

Our team includes a diverse range of specialists equipped to bring your ideas to life, scale your online business, and boost your online sales.

We’re honored to collaborate with such exceptionally talented professionals.

Alex Osmichenko
Alex Osmichenko
Dima Osmichenko
Emir Mekhtiev
Nikita Spivak
Andrew Shamardak
Team Lead
Artem Shapovalov
Project Manager
Pavel Shareika
UI/UX Designer
Eugene Pesenko
Senior Back-End Developer
Alex Sovyk
Full-stack Developer
Vladislav Yakubovsky
Back-End Developer
Yuliana Zimina
Kate Crayon
Content Manager

Our Digital Agency Evolution

The History of IT Monks Digital Agency
Year 2010
Small Team - Big Dreams

Our journey towards becoming a renowned WordPress Agency with global recognition began, fueled by ambitious aspirations and unwavering determination.

Year 2012
First Agency Partner Joined

Numerous agencies and clients embraced our vision, joining forces with us as partners, thus validating the efficacy of our approach.

Year 2014
Team Growth

Our team had expanded to include ten proficient computer engineers, whose collective expertise significantly enhanced our ability to deliver exceptional projects.

Year 2016

Underwent a strategic merger, joining forces with a small design agency. This amalgamation broadened our service portfolio, enabling us to cater to a more diverse range of client needs.

Year 2018
Keep growing

Our network of partner agencies worldwide had grown to 10, while our internal team expanded to include twenty dedicated professionals.

Year 2020

During the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the pandemic, we remained steadfast in our unity and commitment, ensuring that no member of our team was left behind, while steadfastly supporting our clients through adversity.

Year 2022
Accelerated Growth

The burgeoning IT landscape ushered in a period of rapid expansion for our team, resulting in doubled company revenues and solidifying our position as one of the fastest-growing agencies on Clutch.

Year 2023

Our dedication and excellence were recognized, as we were honored with prestigious awards, including being named the Top US Web Development and WordPress Agency, along with achieving the distinction of Clutch 2023 Champions, all based on positive feedback from our valued clients.

Year 2024
Strategic Partnerships

We proudly attained the esteemed status of WordPress VIP and WooCommerce Silver partners, a testament to our commitment to excellence. It is an immense honor to provide our web solutions to the Top 500 companies, further solidifying our position as leaders in the industry.

IT Monks Core Values

Why IT Monks is the Best Web Development Agency in New York

As the most successful Digital Agency in New York, we establish a strong foundation for our culture, guide our decision-making, and shape our interactions with clients and each other. To achieve this we rely on our core values:

Innovation and Creativity

We constantly strive for innovative solutions and creative approaches in all our projects. Embracing change and encouraging originality are at the heart of our work.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are our top priority. We are committed to understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

Integrity and Transparency

Honesty and open communication are fundamental. We build trust with our clients and team members through transparent practices and ethical conduct.

Excellence and Quality

We pursue excellence in every aspect of our work. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from the smallest task to the largest project.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We believe in the power of teamwork. Collaborative efforts and mutual support drive our success and foster a positive, inclusive work environment.

Continuous Learning and Growth

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning. Encouraging professional development and staying abreast of industry trends ensures we remain at the forefront of our field.

Clients About IT Monks

Why IT Monks

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IT Monks Agency Life

We don't offer a tangible product; our true asset is our team. That's why we place immense emphasis on our team as the heart of our business, prioritizing their well-being and fostering a positive, vibrant culture above all else!


Feel free to reach out! We are excited to begin our collaboration!
Alex Osmichenko
Business Consultant
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