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External Communications Hubs

Maximizing brand potential with interactive websites featuring corporate newsrooms and compelling user experiences is vital for engaging with investors, the media, and internal stakeholders.

Control Brand Reputation

For internal or external audiences, online media hubs and resource centers are essential for brands to maintain control over their message.

WordPress-based corporate newsrooms are crafted to empower brands with the flexibility and customization needed to shape their narrative and manage editorial processes effectively.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is perfect for corporate newsrooms, investor relations, blogs, and resource centers because it’s flexible and powerful, used by many of the world’s top companies, like:

  • Disney;
  • Meta;
  • Microsoft;
  • The White House.

It’s customizable to fit the brand perfectly, with easy control over content and room to grow when things get busy. Plus, tons of plugins and experts help you along the way!

Comms Hubs Experience

IT Monks collaborates with numerous enterprise agencies and develops corporate newsrooms and resource platforms with WordPress.

Our focus is on developing a platform that will deliver an amazing digital experience for both editorial users and end-users.

Moreover, if a legacy website is not running WordPress, our team is capable of doing data migration for the project.

WordPress Covered Enterprise Communities

WordPress possibilities are limitless and cover a lot of communication needs for enterprise-level companies.

Media centers

Organize a custom repository to share media assets such as press releases, high-resolution images, videos, executive bios, and other media resources with your network.

Blog sites

Publish, organize, comment, and share blog posts, insights, industry trends, case studies, and other content related to the company’s expertise, services, and industry.

Resource microsites

Run educational hubs focused on specific topics, providing in-depth information, guides, white papers, and other resources relevant to the target audience, such as prospects, customers, and partners.

Internal communication

Disseminate company-wide announcements, policies, procedures, and other updates for employees. Organize employee directories and communicate using forums and integrated comm tools like Slack.


Represent the company and its achievements effectively by stunning customers with impressive showcases, infographics, illustrations, and presentations.


Organize and share customers with downloadable assets such as brochures, product manuals, software updates, templates, and other materials relevant to the audience.

Campaign sites

Launch stunning, fast, conversational websites for marketing campaigns, product launches, or events and track and optimize campaign effectiveness.

Get your better newsroom

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