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WordPress Maintenance Service

Never worry about your website’s security, backups, and updates again!

For over 15 years, we’ve been delivering a complete website maintenance service suite, including secure code backups, malware scanning, uptime monitoring, and more.

Rely on the IT Monks team’s expertise for unmatched website maintenance and support services!

Inclusive Website Maintenance and Support

Focus on scaling your business while we professionally maintain your website. Our team is experienced at handling projects of any topic, size, and complexity. We provide the best maintenance services for healthy and well-optimized websites based on the knowledge we have gained over the years and our ongoing skills improvement.

Regular Backups

Rely on our timely and secure backup solutions with peace of mind. For over a decade, we’ve been protecting and deploying small and large websites with reliable backups.

Website Security

We protect your website against all the most common WordPress vulnerabilities and the ones you didn’t even expect, safeguarding your data from server crashes, site hacks, user errors, and more.

Timely Updates

As part of our ​​website maintenance and support package, our team keeps your website’s core, theme, and all plugins installed and up to date.

Website Audits

We carefully scan your website to identify any errors and flows impacting its performance and ability to engage and convert users.

Quality Assurance

As part of our site maintenance services, we ensure that everything on a website looks and functions as intended, from testing CMS functionality site-specific features to front-end and client testing.

Technical Support

No matter how small or big your project is, every website needs ongoing support. We have the best team to help you with regular WordPress support needs.

Professional WordPress maintenance service

While our core service is WordPress development, we also offer maintenance packages as a support service.

If you are looking for more than just initial development, we can continue with monthly maintenance tasks like WordPress plugin updates and regular backups. We also offer packages that include content updates to keep up with your business’s evolving needs.

Website Maintenance Service Experts

At IT Monks, we possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure your website is in capable hands. Over the past 15+ years, we have completed 500+ projects, each with unique demands and specifications. We are committed to excellence. You can find this approach reflected in how we maintain your website.

Full Scale Maintenance Service
We pride ourselves on providing exceptional web maintenance services, encompassing every aspect of your WordPress website upkeep, from speed optimization to regular backups and security.

Mid-Size and Enterprise Web Maintenance
No matter how big or small your venue is, our team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver top-quality web maintenance services tailored to your requirements.

Website Maintenance Experts
We’ve been building and maintaining WordPress websites for over a decade. Our web development team knows how to determine the approach and strategy that will best fit your web project.

Integrated Support Solutions

Our complete website maintenance and ultimate support service is the go-to choice for your website if you are looking for the optimal solution to keep it scam-free, well-optimized, and performance-oriented. Grow and monetize business while our expert team handles all backups, security, and performance optimization tasks as part of our website support and maintenance packages.

Sophisticated Back-Up Logistic

You gain an automated backup system that securely gathers, compresses, and encrypts your entire site, regardless of its size, with hashing of critical data. This ensures uninterrupted website functionality, backed by 24/7 support.

Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Rest assured, your website is scam-free, protected against cyber threats and unauthorized access, and maintains trust and integrity with your audience.

Software Outdate Protection

As part of our website maintenance and support package, we grant you the confidence that your website stays current with the latest features and security patches.

Website Wellness Evaluation

In addition to regular backups and reliable support, you get a WordPress website audit fully customized to meet your project’s specifications and needs.

Multistaged Testing

Testing and quality assurance are inevitable elements of our website maintenance services plans. Rest assured, your website flawlessly operates in all web environments, delivering ultimate user satisfaction and long-term success for your brand.

Responsive Technical Assistance

Whatever happens, you can always rely on a dedicated technical support team by your side, ready to provide expert guidance and timely assistance.

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WordPress Maintenance plans

Which will save you days and keep you away from headaches, buying a year will give you two months free!
$ 195 /mo
Monthly Backup & Updates
  • Full Website Backups
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin testing and updates
  • Security Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Tech support
$ 495 /mo
Full Monthly Maintenance
Recommended for Most
  • Everything in backup & update
  • Personal account manager
  • 24h response time
  • Phone support
  • 10 hour per site for updates

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