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Search Engine Optimization

We understand that getting your search engine optimization right is vital to your success.

Our professional SEO services allow businesses to grow their online presence and increase their visibility in the search engines.

At IT Monks all of our results-driven campaigns are bespoke to suit our clients’ individual needs. We essentially provide affordable SEO services that businesses can highly benefit stand out amongst the competition and reach a wider market.


Expert SEO Services

To keep your brand ahead of the rest, we use a well-tested 9-step process to boost your website up the ranks. We want to make sure your business takes advantage of the 93% of traffic that comes from a search engine so you never miss a business opportunity.

Seo expert stands straight and point to the map

Audit & Objectives

We take time and care to look through your existing SEO strategy and compare this with our knowledge of both SEO and your industry. We’ll build a roadmap to take your site to the top of the search engine.

Marketing-Ready Websites

It doesn’t hurt to take a look at what everyone else is doing in your industry. We use a variety of intelligence tools to delve into the strategy of your competitors and learn where we can gain some insight into what they’re doing and what you’re not.

Identify Personas

Working alongside you, we pinpoint your perfect audience and create compelling customer journeys. These cater to the needs and requirements of your audience, helping them to convert while informing them of our tactics.

Keyword Selection

Finding the right keywords to attract the right audience to your website requires research and patience. We look for terms that attract the right people, while offering high user intent.

SEO Strategy

Using our research, we then pull together all the essentials and draft up a strategy that has the success of your business and the needs of your audience laid out. We will guide you through the strategy and work with you to adapt if/when the need arises.

Link Building

Well timed, keyword friendly, relevant links can provide incredible SEO results. We provide link building tactics to boost your online presence, utilizing creative content from quality writers to build up a White Hat friendly link building strategy.

On-site Optimization

On-site optimization primes your site for search algorithms and users. We optimize content, titles and descriptions, URLs and internal links to send clear keyword signals to the search engine robots.


We make things easy to understand by producing meaningful data with a narrative that helps us collectively make better decisions on the strategy moving forward. Your SEO strategy will be monitored to ensure you’re on the move.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Making the most of the traffic from your newly established rankings can give you 10x your previous results. We help you identify visitor pain points and tweak and test to maximize your visitor conversion rate.


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