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WooCommerce Black Friday Preparation Marketing Checklist [Part 1]

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Black Friday is around the corner! It means that all small and large companies should prepare their online stores for the busy shopping season. The demand for online sales is bound to increase. In 2021, only American customers spent $8.9 billion online on Black Friday 2021. We can only try to predict what 2022 will bring us. Stats show that US retail eCommerce sales have already grown 16.1% this year, so we can assume the Black Friday sale rates will be more impressive than a year ago. With that said, you should ensure your WooCommerceWooCommerceA free, open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.
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Black Friday campaign is well set up and your web store is well prepared to handle sales during these peak times. Do you wonder how to prepare for Black Friday sales if you are a marketing specialist? The following guidelines should come in handy. 

WooCommerce Black Friday Tips for Marketing Teams

Black Friday sales should be essentially included on the online marketing list of every small or large business. The Friday following Thanksgiving Day is considered the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season since 1952. The customers’ goal is to find the best presents for their nearest and dearest at the best price. The goal of companies and marketing teams is to make more sales and make clients happy. 

Start preparing your WooCommerce Black Friday adjustments in advance on your website so that you can ensure you get everything ready when the time comes to launch your campaigns. Let’s consider the WooCommerce Black Friday checklist that all marketing teams should be aware of, regardless of the topic and industry to which their business belongs. 

Start Early

It’s always a wise move to start early with the WooCommerce Black Friday campaign on your website. Studies show that most of the customers who wish to order something during the holiday sales season want to start the earliest. If you want to launch a Blak Friday promo campaign on your website, don’t wait until Thanksgiving Weekend (because most of your competitors will do so). Start a few days earlier and make more money with your holiday campaign. 

Landing Page

A stunning and well-optimized landing pageLanding PageA standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.
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is one of the vital elements of every WooCommerce Black Friday promo campaign. Design a stunning landing page design that would allow your customers to get excited about your special deals. The landing page creation shouldn’t take you much time when you use a ready-to-go web designWeb DesignCreating and organizing the visual layout, user interface, and overall aesthetics of a website.
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for this purpose. If you need professional help with the development of a striking landing page design, the IT Monks team is always happy to create a web product for any purpose and any difficulty for you. Check out the services list and get a quote. 

Ensure the Inventory is Well Maintained 

Launching a grand holiday sale allows you to clear the inventory. It would be the worst nightmare for your marketing and sales teams if the inventory is not well maintained and doesn’t meet your customers’ requirements.

Don’t Set Deals with Complications 

Making it easy for your clients to understand the subject, terms, and conditions of your promo campaign is the best way to generate more sales and engage a wider audience with your Black Friday deals. You will only waste your time while setting deals with complications.  

Make it obvious to your customers which deals you promote. Put promo banners on your website’s homepageHomepageIt is the main landing page of a website.
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and add a sense of urgency by putting a “limited time offer” badge on your offers. The terms and conditions of Black Friday campaigns may differ based on the products you promote on your website. If you sell physical items, offering free shipping for all purchases made on the Thanksgiving weekend lets your customers feel valued by your store. Besides achieving the anticipated sales boom, you can also benefit from word-of-mouth. 

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

It’s one of the best ways of keeping your followers and subscribers informed about your Black Friday deals. Launching email marketing campaigns in advance lets you keep your audience informed about the upcoming discounts on your website and the products/categories of goods that will be available for order at a discounted cost. 

Besides informing users about your upcoming campaigns, it’s also important to keep in touch with your customers after they place an order on your website. To begin with, send them a thank you email right after they make a purchase. Next, update them on the status of their order to add a sense of transparency. 


Cross-selling plays a big role in marketing. If you think that your customers are ready for just one product and leave your website after they place an order, you might be wrong. In most cases, users are interested in adding to cart-related products. If you sell shoes and a customer came to your shop to buy a new pair of shoes, you might suggest they buy related products, like socks or shoe soles. Thanks to cross-selling, customers can navigate to the related products effortlessly and order more items from you. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery

An abandoned cart is another nightmare for marketing teams, especially during the crazy holiday shopping season. There are many reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts, like: 

  • Too expensive extra costs, like paid shipping or taxes; 
  • Lack of the needed payment options;
  • Credit card issues;
  • Website error;
  • Unclear return policy;
  • Delivery that takes longer than expected; 
  • Complicated checkout process, etc. 

Leaving abandoned carts without proper attention is of no use to you. One of the best ways to recover shopping carts is to send recovery emails. Your customers could have gotten distracted by something or someone. An abandoned cart recovery email should remind them there is something left in their shopping cart on your website.

To make this approach work to the fullest, think of putting a catchy headline. You may write something like “You left something behind. Your cart at (name of the store) is waiting for you.” 

Keep an Eye on Analytics

Analyzing your site’s trafficTrafficThe number of visitors or users who visit a particular website.
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before launching a WooCommerce Black Friday sale is also a vital step. It lets you make arrangements to predict and prevent the possibility of hard situations happening during the promo campaign. We’ve already discussed how to add analytics to a WordPress site. Check out how to add one to your online store with or without a pluginPluginA piece of software that can be easily installed and activated on a CMS platform to enhance its capabilities.
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to measure the entire progress of your campaigns. 

Bottom Line 

Let’s wrap up what’s been mentioned in the WooCommerce Black Friday checklist for marketing specialists. Starting early and ensuring your company’s inventory can handle the increased customers’ demand are the go-for tips for every business regardless of the topics and industry it belongs to. 

Thanksgiving weekend sales are a great opportunity for your company to finish the year with a boost in sales. Build a WooCommerce Black Friday promo campaign that would let you drive more revenue in advance. 

The most common and effective suggestions for marketing teams include: 

  • Creating an outstanding landing page that clearly communicates the terms and topic of your promo campaign, and grabs users’ attention with a bold hero image and a clear CTA. 
  • Offer special discounts and bonuses to your loyal customers. 
  • Run an email marketing campaign that would welcome most of your subscribers to check your deals and participate in the promo campaign. 
  • Promote your WooCommerce Black Friday deals not only on your website but also on your social media accounts. 
  • Take care of the abandoned cart and apply more effort to make more customers come back and complete the checkout. 

This WooCommerce Black Friday checklist should come in handy for marketing teams that don’t want to miss a thing. Stay tuned and we’ll share another list of holiday sale recommendations web engineers should be aware of.

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