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    Every photographer, designer, artist, writer, and other creative professional wants to make their works accessible to as many people as possible. Having an online portfolio is one of the best ways to show off your works. While looking for the best platform for building an online portfolio website, WordPress would be the best option for you. One of the largest site-building platforms lets you create websites of all sizes, including content-heavy online portfolios showcasing your works. Creating a WordPress portfolio website is one of the best ways to present your most important works, photos, videos, designs, and everything else you specialize in, and to attract potential customers, clients, and fans you deserve. There are many reasons why creating a WordPress portfolio website would be beneficial to your company. In this article, let’s consider the most effective practices on how you can build a remarkable WordPress portfolio website.

    Benefits of Creating a WordPress Portfolio Website

    The benefits of launching a WordPress portfolio website seem to be obvious. However, it’s still worth highlighting the main advantages of showcasing your works online. The biggest reasons to launch an online portfolio website include:

    • Reaching out to new clients. By launching an online portfolio website, you can make your website findable through social media, Google search, word of mouth, etc. 
    • Present yourself, your team, or your company as an expert in your field. 
    • By displaying your works on a portfolio website, you can easily build trust with your potential customers while displaying user reviews on your site’s pages. 
    • Save your time by adding FAQs to your online portfolio, which would share answers to the most frequently asked questions that you receive from your potential clients. 

    Choose the Right WordPress Theme for a Portfolio Website

    When building a WordPress-based online portfolio website, you may choose from multiple ready-made web design solutions specifically intended for launching online portfolios. Launching a website using a pre-designed WordPress theme takes less time than designing and developing every piece of your online portfolio website from scratch. 

    A WordPress theme is a bundle of ready-made designs, page templates, layout blueprints, tools, and features needed to extend the online portfolio functionality. There are both free and premium WordPress themes available in various designs and styles. It shouldn’t be an issue for you to create a usable online portfolio website when you use a ready-made design as the foundation for your online portfolio. 

    Minimalist web designs are the usual choice for such purposes. Clean, well-balanced designs are best suited for bringing the focus of users’ attention to the creative works demonstrated in your online portfolio. If you google it, you’ll be surprised by how many minimalist WordPress portfolio themes are available. It can be a lot of fun to build a remarkable online portfolio with a theme.

    Key Components of an Effective WordPress Portfolio Website

    Let’s consider some of the main components that you should consider to create a truly remarkable online portfolio. Consider using the following recommendations as to the basic building blocks upon which you can expand to build a unique and remarkable website.

    Key Components of an Effective WordPress Portfolio Website

    Let’s consider some of the main components that you should consider to create a truly remarkable online portfolio. Consider using the following recommendations as to the basic building blocks upon which you can expand to build a unique and remarkable website. 

    Add Strong CTAs to the Homepage

    A call-to-action is one of the most important elements to which you want to drive your visitors’ attention when they land on your WordPress portfolio website. For most websites showcasing portfolios of designs and other creative projects, the CTA is exactly where your visitors can hire you and get in touch with you for a consultation. 

    As a rule, CTAs should be implemented as big, eye-catching elements located somewhere near the top of your website’s homepage. If you check out the IT Monks front page, you will see the CTA displayed right at the top of it. 

    Showcase Your Work

    It’s the major reason to create online portfolio websites. It lets users see all the impressive pieces of work that you have already done. When people see examples of your projects, they may feel confident that you are the right person and agency for the job. For example, take a look at the IT Monks front page, you will see a dedicated section with the portfolio of our works and brief descriptions next to each of them. 

    List of Services

    Besides showcasing your works, your WordPress online portfolio website should features a list of services with explanations of how you and your company may come in handy for your clients.

    For example, the front page of the IT Monks website explains that we are a full-stack web design and development agency, providing suh services as:

    • WordPress development
    • WooCommerce development
    • WordPress hosting and maintenance
    • Building a digital strategy
    • UX/UI design development
    • Running SEO audit 

    As you can see on the image below, all services are clearly explained, letting clients know how exactly we can help.


    Displaying testimonials from past customers is a great way to build trust with your potential clients. When potential clients see that your services make other users happy, they will feel confident that you will make them happy too.

    Contact Details

    Your online portfolio website serves not only as a means to display your works but also as a communication tool between you and your clients. To makes things easy for users, integrate your WordPress portfolio website with a simple online form. For example, IT Monks features a dedicated online form that lets you send us your project brief.


    Having a blog is a great way to market yourself, showcase your skills and projects, and appeal to your potential clients. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to make your WordPress portfolio website more findable in search engines. Useful, unique, and well-written content increases the changes that people will come across your blog and navigate to the portfolio, services, contact, and other details that you share. 

    Bottom Line

    A WordPress portfolio website is one of the most effective ways to market your business and reach out to potential clients. To get the most out of it, you need to take building your online portfolio seriously. It applies not only to how you showcase your works but also the theme you build your website with, the tools you use, how your website is arranged, etc. By following these simple rules you can build an effective WordPress portfolio website that would help you find new clients, get more orders, and multiple your revenue. So good luck!

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